PinupGlam - Recently, a popular weblog asserted that our model, Jana, had "fake boobs" and that she had "implants". This could not be more untrue. The blog went on to state that they had "proof" because an anonymous plastic surgeon from Dallas has examined her photos and concluded that he believed she has "implants". It is crucial to note that this "doctor", whoever he is, never examined Jana personally and that his conclusion was pure conjecture based on low-resolution photos, and NOT "proof" as the blog has claimed. Therefore, because we actually do have access to Jana, we decided to respond with irrefutable REAL proof that Jana is indeed 100% natural & that this "blog" is full of it. Thus, we contacted a both a REAL plastic surgeon and a radiologist to conduct a full, live examination of Jana's boobs to prove that they are indeed 100% real. Jana was only too happy to participate and prove that not only are her boobs 100% natural, but to permanently out to rest this rumor and also "prove" that the bloggers behind it don't know what the hell. So we enlisted the help of one of our models, Maggie Green, brought the cameras and went to see the REAL doctor. What follows is a live exam of Jana, exclusively for our cameras.
Maria Swan aka Princessa, Jana Defi



Source: SpankBang